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first email is about making sure you run test out that is reminder that test needs to finish it is designed that way for good reasons.

As for bug people talking about fix is being released in next day i think and to be fair don;t think it has effected lot of schools.

Trust me the test has been trailed as we trailed it and remember after all what your talking part in is the trail hence why it is called ks3 ict sats trail.

The fix has been released - we got an email about it last night and installed it this morning.

I accept that this is a trial and that some bugs are to be expected, but surely TWO different scenarios which cause students to be unable to complete a session should have been identified in testing? I'm not asking for a flawless product, but errors of that magnitude making it through suggest a hole in the testing process somewhere.
As said we were involved in trails and we got the issue for first time yesterday.

Probably should say this happened to small number of schools but fix was released to everyone to make sure no one else gets the issue.