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ICT KS3 SATS Tests Thread, Deployed Test Nightmare in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Hi I'm having a real nightmare with pushing out the tests via GPO. Our clients are all XP SP2 and ...
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    Deployed Test Nightmare


    I'm having a real nightmare with pushing out the tests via GPO. Our clients are all XP SP2 and I'm trying to install the tests via Group Policy.

    When the client first loads and installs the tests - the system can be logged on, the DPS can be run and if you choose to run a Practice Test or Familiarisation material , it will all work fine.

    The problem comes about when the computer is then restarted. After just 1 reboot the DPS will run, but when you choose to do a Practice Test (or any of the Familiarisation material) - the DPS gets to the "Verifying Test Components" and then comes up with an error "An error has occurred while starting the test. Ask your teacher for help." Once this is dismissed the DPS just goes back to the choosing test area and will not start any test.

    Add to this when you uninstall via GPO - the test folders are actually left behind - and the whole process is turning into a farce of running round and checking PCs and the state their QCA DPS is in.

    This was supposed to save me time but is costing me a lot more. Has anybody come across this error before? Am I doing something very simple and stupidly wrong? Arghhh please help !

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    Re: Deployed Test Nightmare

    Have a look at this Post here.

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