So, getting ready to run the QCA KS3 testing again next term, I get the Census file off our data manager and import it into QCA Server. All looks ok, and proudly tell the Head of ICT she's ready to roll.

She comes back to me and says it's all messed up.

Further investigation shows that the import has changed each pupils forename with the forename of their mother or father and has not updated the teaching sets either (year 9 still showing in year 8 teaching sets, etc).

Phone QCA and they have admitted a problem with the Census file from SIMS and they are looking into it, but won't be ready for when we need it so have been directed to a KB Article about using a .CSV file which needs to be converted to PLASC and then used to do the import!!! WTF !!!!!!???

Now got to get my head around getting a report outputted from SIMS in the correct order and format!!!!