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How do you do....it? Thread, Alternatives to tracking repair status on student system in Technical; Hey guys, Just wanting to see if there may be some alternatives to the old database I have made up ...
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    Alternatives to tracking repair status on student system

    Hey guys,

    Just wanting to see if there may be some alternatives to the old database I have made up to look after tracking of repairs and loan system etc etc.

    Currently I have setup a database within Office Access 10 to help me manage about 1000 systems. I regularly get students coming in and have set it up so I can quickly fill in data boxes and descriptions and print a job sheet out.

    I also have like the main area which is the list of in progress jobs which I regularly search through looking up student repair status etc.. (sorry about the blurs)
    Main area.jpg

    The other thing is we have 20 (Hot Swap) machines which we loan out to students while there system is in for repair. So I also have the ability of tracking who has what.

    Want I am wondering is, eventually I would like to scan systems in and the case details to auto fill in with the students information and past repairs etc etc.. All our machines have a service tag on the bottom base, which also have barcodes, which also happens to be recorded in an excel spreadsheet, our asset register. So is there any software out there which has a similar setup to this. Really wanted to just add the ability of scanning in barcodes into database and make it see the asset register spreadsheet, but the only thing is access takes a copy of this spreadsheet for itself so if we update it (Which is pretty regular) there updates don't come across which means I would have to update the database pretty much every week.

    The other thing is I would like to put this onto the intranet/ internet. I have tried to upload it into a usuable sharepoint setup on the server but not much has happen with that either and screen of errors basically appeared. Idea behind this was to beable to go anywhere in the college and load up the database without having to be on certain user accounts. Also to be on any computer with network access and type in the url and password and be able to load it up.

    What software are other IT student support techs using?

    Thanks heaps,
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