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How do you do....it? Thread, Excel formula in Technical; We have some print tracking software that gives a monthly reading of how many prints a user has done. What ...
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    Excel formula

    We have some print tracking software that gives a monthly reading of how many prints a user has done. What we would like to do is charge departments. I have a list of departments and which users are in them.

    So I need a formula (Or a way) to count a users amount of prints if they are in a particular department then give me the total

    I have attached a very simplified version of how it would look. The top list is the departments and the members of the departments and below that is the users and the number of prints (If only is looked that simple in reality).

    So I guess it would be a bit like this, any user from A12:A23 are present in A2:A5 count the relevant cell in B12:B23.

    Does anyone know the best way of doing this?


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    How's this?

    Not sure if it's exactly what you're after but it may be something to start from.

    It basically scans the print log and SUMIF for each user. Then a simple SUM to work out pages for each dept.

    Hope it helps.
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