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How do you do....it? Thread, xCopy transfere rates in Technical; just trying to plan work flow. How would i estimate the time taken to use xcopy to transfer files from ...
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    xCopy transfere rates

    just trying to plan work flow.

    How would i estimate the time taken to use xcopy to transfer files from the server to a NAS on the network?

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    I don't know how efficient xcopy is or the storage systems you have (you will have to test) but when I use rsync or scp between my systems it will max out the network link between them. So it's simply a matter of totalling up the file size and dividing it by the link speed. You'll end up with the time it'll take in seconds. If there's another slower component then that'll be your bottleneck. Once you know what speed that can do (say it's the write speed of the hard drive in the NAS) you can base your calculations on that instead.

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    If you have a lot of files to copy, Robocopy would be better than XCopy since it is multi-threaded.

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