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How do you do....it? Thread, Cross Curricular ICT and Embedding ICT across the Curriculum in Technical; Time to pick your brains What do you do and how do you embed ICT across the curriculum. We have ...
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    Cross Curricular ICT and Embedding ICT across the Curriculum

    Time to pick your brains

    What do you do and how do you embed ICT across the curriculum. We have a real problem here where there is a distinct lack of vision by curriculum staff as to ICT and how it can enrich their lesson plans. A lack of vision on facilities and services required helping them to teach and making ICT integral to the curriculum exists. At the moment the equipment is just being used as glorified word processors.

    What have you installed on the network to aid Cross Curricular ICT^ development or what do the teachers at your school do. I am in a position to facilitate change and I would be interested to see what other schools do. So hit me with your ideas and schemes that fall outside of the more mundane DHCP and Fileserver regulars

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cross Curricular ICT and Embedding ICT across the Curriculum

    We have picked up a number of ideas from visiting various schools, asking around on newsgroups / forums / mailing lists, being involved in things through the SSAT and Becta ... and working with County advisors.

    I am not saying that what we have is perfect, far from it, but it could give you some ideas.

    We started off 3 years ago by introducing an ICT users group. A meeting every half-term, it gave teachers a chance to tell each other what they had been doing with ICT and share some good practice. We had the Head of Science explaining how he used Outlook as a resource manager ... in his calendar he had links to the files he needed during his lessons. We had one of our art teachers talking about using Powerpoint to do basic animation. Our Head of Maths (subsequently going on to be an AST) demonstrated some interesting things in Excel using conditional formatting. This was led by our Languages AST.

    The next stage was when I took over and we started to look more at sharing this with others. We reworked our VLE (FirstClass) to get more resources up for students to use and to try and use it as a more central repository for staff to store resources. We started to spend more time working on resources that departments could share and creating links between departments (Geography field trip creating the stimulus for ICT to use when doing the sections on DTP). We then had the last bits of the shake up of the TLRs resulting in the 2nd in ICT being made Head of Cross-Curriculur ICT.

    He now leads the ICT Users Group (with input from me and the Head of ICT/DT) and he spends time with one department every half term looking at ways they can add additional ICT to their units of work. The ICT USers Group also feeds into the whole school training cycle helping to decide what ICT training is needed, and even running evening training sessions. The training is not done by us or just the ICT teachers ... where possible it is done by teachers of other subjects ... Art talking about Mind Mapping and creativity, Business talking about collection and the use of data, DT talking about the use of graphics ... and so on.

    Last year we ha at least one person per department spend a day in one of our ICT rooms looking at the Year 7 ICT curriculum and looking at what skills are learnt and when. This has meant that Powerpoint and other presentation software is no longer taught in discrete ICT lessons as it is covered by other subjects throughout the year. This gives more time do start doing interesting things with MovieMaker and Audacity.

    We are about to do the same again, looking at what worked from year 7 this year, adjusting some things and then planning for Year 8. This will also feed into a 'staff summer school' we are running in the first week of the holidays. We are inviting certain staff in to be paid to create more resources for our laptop groups and to start working on creating SCORM compliant materials for introduction to the new VLE come September.

    I can think of so many other areas that we are not up to speed on ...

    We don't have any Luddites left ... they are either gone or have accepted that they need to move with the times. We do have some staff that struggle but soe of these are the most enthusiastic about looking at alternative uses for ICT in their subject.

    That is the teacher centric side of things ... on the student centric side we have mad a number of changes.

    We have introduced more facilities outside of ICT suites (ie those for teacher ICT or ICT heavy subjects such as Business Studies). English, Maths, DT, Science, Music, Humanities all have additional facilities over the last 3 years. We also have a laptops for students program where we have 2-3 tutor groups each year with laptops. For the first year they are taught by tutor group apart from English and Maths where they are in sets. In year 8 more are taught in Sets, with only humanities having all thelaptop kids together, but in year 9 we expect to have classes with a full mixture of students with and without laptops ... and teachers have to provide work for both as it counts as a form of differentiation. Some staff are better than others.

    We are trying to make sure that skills a student learns in one subject can be transferred to another. Because of the work we are having to do with core subjects at KS3 and 4 (a failing of our school) we cannot really be that much more innovative in case we rock the boat too much. It is a case of trying to be balanced. Once we have had the new VLE running for a year we can look at more student led work, having them create materials for other students to use ... but we will have to wait and see.

    I hope this gives you some pointers ...

    Technically and financially how you do some of this can be interesting. I have already mentioned in other posts that we give staff and students 2 accounts on laptops ... a domain one that is locked down and a home (local computer) account that they are an admin on ... this helps to give them chance to explore and try things out, builds confidence in IT in general and forces them to learn to accept that they are in control of the IT ... it it works then good ... if it breaks ... then iti usually something they have done and they soon learn what things not to do.

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    Re: Cross Curricular ICT and Embedding ICT across the Curriculum

    I am not sure ther eis anything you can install on the network to aid cross curricular ICT development as such.

    The only way to really get this to happen is to make staff realise the potential and get rid of any barriers to them being able to acheive it.

    The first thing is to make the equipment as reliable and easy to use as possible (which is what the vast majority of the stuff on this forum talks about)

    Then you just need a few good people out there spreading the word, showing staff what is possible and the reaction it gets from students.

    Some schools employ someone specifically int his role, with no timetable, to allow them to do it.

    Another strategy is to employ NQT's who will have recieved extensive training on ICT during their studies - getting them embedded into a department can be fantastic, as long as the rest of the department are supportive.

    I guess what I am saying is that it is about attitudes of staff, not about any technical solution.

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    Re: Cross Curricular ICT and Embedding ICT across the Curriculum

    Something we are doing next year with year 7 each subject has been paired with another subject so for example Science - Maths etc and part of remit is for two departments to work together not all time but maybe one projects etc.

    But there is specific remit to look at using ICT together.

    So on simple terms science may use data loggers to get data on something then in maths lesson they they look at producing graphs etc


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    Re: Cross Curricular ICT and Embedding ICT across the Curriculum

    This is a very interesting post as i feel we are not doing enough cross-curricular ICT work. We are better than when we started but we are still not doing enough and i am looking at ways to get all departments to use their resources better.

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