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How do you do....it? Thread, PAT Testing a Laptop Charger+ IEC Cable in Technical; Just a quick one. I've done a quick google and I'm getting conflicting results so thought I'd ask here as ...
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    PAT Testing a Laptop Charger+ IEC Cable

    Just a quick one. I've done a quick google and I'm getting conflicting results so thought I'd ask here as hopefully someone will be in the know!

    I've just started doing pat testing and I'm wondering when testing a laptop charger or monitor with a transformer do you need to check both the charger and the kettle lead seperately? Or will doing them in one go be good enough?

    My own OCD and logic leads me to thinking that you should do the cable and then the charger seperately and do a full test \ visual on both. However the confusion has arisen because in multiple places I've seen that a visual inspection is good enough for the cable as long as it's being tested along with the charger.

    Opinions? Advice?

    I really don't want to do cables seperately if I don't have to but will if I need to obviously.

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    For my money, I'd test the IEC lead as such, and visual the PSU. I have cable tied PSUs to their cable in the past, and then just test as one item.

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    All if not most PSU's will actually fail a Pat test if put through the machine. Test the Cable and then Visual check the PSU as mentioned above.

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