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How do you do....it? Thread, Data Backup = best solution in Technical; Can anyone advise me on the best way to proceed with our backup solution. Here is our current scenario: Server ...
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    Data Backup = best solution

    Can anyone advise me on the best way to proceed with our backup solution. Here is our current scenario:

    Server with curr home dir = 160Gb
    on the same server - department drive = 70gb

    seperate server with staff home dir = 30gb

    What would be the best way to back all this data up every night? I was looking at the Dell offering of a Dual Magazine Tape Autoloader
    PowerVault 124T - would this suffice and backup all data quick enough?

    We start the backup procedure at 6pm every afternoon, it has to be complete by 7am the next day for start of the school day.

    Currently we backup from disk to disk using Backup Exec 10d and archieve to tape at end of each week what we cant fit on the server any more (3mb free last week out of 1.5Tb!)

    Would be nice to know what people think and how they would do it.

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    Re: Data Backup = best solution

    What we use is Veritas disk to disk to a server with a TB of data which is sat in another building on site and also backup once a week to an external USB drive which gets taken home for a week.

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    Re: Data Backup = best solution

    Mr peanuts - are you doing full backups every night? You'd probably be better of doing a full back up per week, and a differential backup on only the user data every night. Should be able to fit at lewast 4 weeks worth of backups on the NAS server then.


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    Re: Data Backup = best solution

    We use backup Exec v10 and a HP Ultrium 3 which uses 800g tapes.

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    Re: Data Backup = best solution


    We use Tera servers and they work great. You can put them on different sides of the school it just works.

    One word of warning you will be told to make a backup that you can take off site. That one is easy 2 get 2 external hard drives. Backup onto the tera server normally and then once a week backup the backups onto the external hard drives in turn and keep one at home.

    Its not the cheapest solution but its easy.


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