Doing a self help web page but wanted to make it similar to a questionairre like what microsoft does with there help file ie

You select if it is a hardware / software issue
If hardware then which hardware item ie sound card, network card, video card etc, if software then most common software options ie adobe reader, ms office version X, Y, Z , Windows ( XP, 7 , 8 ) etc
Then from the selection made go from there with common questions ie if they select sound card then depending on if they selected hardware or software then you could dig down further ie

Have you installed the latest driver
Is the audio card muted
Is the volume sliders turned up
Has the windows audio service started
Is it onboard audio card or dedicated
If onboard has the dip switch been moved to the enable or disable option ( or is it even there )
If dedicated possibly powering machine down and reseating audio card etc

You get the jist

Basically wanted to make it go through the options in the relevant order depending on the answers the user selects and make it look professional / tidy whether using jquery or whatever

A mini example would be good ( just for one item with a few answers ) and I can build on that