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How do you do....it? Thread, Pupils report presentation - What do yours look like? in Technical; Hi there, we are currently reviewing the way we present pupil reports to parents. At the moment we have the ...
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    Pupils report presentation - What do yours look like?

    Hi there,

    we are currently reviewing the way we present pupil reports to parents. At the moment we have the reports printed onto folded A4 and then this is inserted into a card wallet that has a little plastic tab in one corner that holds the booklet together.

    The admin people have asked me to gather some examples of how other schools do this.

    If possible can you please post some examples here of what you post out to parents.

    Many thanks

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    I know of one school that emails aboit 50% of reports.

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    We currently print out the reports on A4, half term is 1 sheet, end of terms is usually around 5 sheets. These go to admin and are corner stapled and then posted. We are looking at starting to email some reports to parents who opt in but know some other local schools who do not print any reports and only available online.

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    Ours here are printed onto A4 as full pages, one corner hold-punched, treasury tag used to hold the pages together and those whole thing handed out in a plastic wallet.

    My description probably makes them sound a bit rubbish presentation-wise but the office staff do a good job with them!

    EDIT: We don't offer ours online but quite often the multi-lingual TA's (and some teachers who are able) will either talk with the parents instead as they are unable to read/speak English, or translate them into written form on request.
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    Ours are printed on A4 and tucked into a glossy card wallet, very similar to the OP.

    On the occasions when it has come up, the HT has been vehemently opposed to any change to the way it is done, so we probably won't have online reporting until after he retires (if even then).

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