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How do you do....it? Thread, Wireless laptops deploy in Technical; OK im stuck. Can anyone tell me how they deploy there wireless laptops? We have wireless AP's and some old ...
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    Wireless laptops deploy

    OK im stuck.

    Can anyone tell me how they deploy there wireless laptops?

    We have wireless AP's and some old xp laptops and windows server 2008R2.

    Now I can connect to the internet through out AP if im logged on locally to a laptop and enter the wireless key in the connect to wireless box. I can even get it to remember this and it will connect if i restart. However if I then add the computer to the domain it adds ok. then when i come to log on it has trouble finding the domain.

    can someone please tell me how they do it in there schools as I see most schools have a wireless laptop trollies about. I have looked at the wait for network before connecting setting.

    Please help

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    There is a setting that you will need to apply to the cards as I remember

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    Check in the wireless card software/drivers for a 'pre-connect' setting, especially if you have Intel PROset drivers

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