Hi everyone

I'm pretty sure this is going to result in a "can't be done" answer, but thought it worth asking anyway, just in case someone's worked out a way of doing this!

We are deploying PCounter at the moment, and one of the useful features is the WBalance.exe utility, which displays users' remaining print credits, etc, and notifies them if they do not have enough credits remaining to print the current job, etc. This program wants to run in the system tray, but we have disabled the system tray for all students to avoid meddling with the clock/volume control/etc.

Is there a way of 'whitelisting' certain apps so that they only are allowed in the system tray? We have no desire to open up the entire tray; at present we have a sort of way around the issue by putting a shortcut to the exe on the desktop, which allows a quick balance check, but the program exits on closing, as it can't minimise to the tray. Therefore, if a student doesn't have enough credits to print something, the job just gets deleted without any reason being given.

Any suggestions gratefully received! We have a mix of Windows XP and Windows 7, by the way.