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How do you do....it? Thread, Windows or Linux -- A Question in Technical; @Joedetic It's a smaaaallll world....
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    Re: Windows or Linux -- A Question


    It's a smaaaallll world.

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    Re: Windows or Linux -- A Question

    There are so many things to look at, saying one thing is better than another is highly subjective.


    Device A is better than device B but, device A cost 10 times what device B does.
    You can have 10 of the lesser device, which is best. I know this is subjective but things like this need to be looked at.

    Thin client is the best example of this. A good Fat client is always going to be more capable than a thin, however if you can deploy 3 rooms of thins for the cost of 1 room of fats, which is best ????????

    The thins may only be capable of 75% of what the fat is but the fact that 3 times more people can be exposed to the technology at any one time is a powerful argument.

    The main thing to look at is is it fit for purpose. If the answer is yes then use it, does not matter what OS or architecture it is.

    Choose the right tool for the right job.

    And most of all, look outside the box. There is a big world of toys out there


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    Re: Windows or Linux -- A Question

    What I find shocking is no one has even mentioned OS/2, LAN & WARP server which I was bought up on..... ;-)

    Seriously though, in my last job for a large company which used to be known as Safeway - I and a college had the nice job of turning all our OS/2 ver 3 & OS/2 ver 4 desktops into thin clients as the company went down the Citrix route. As the company already had the MS Win95 licences which came with the PCs, turning them into thin clients was not that expensive. I worked on a build for various desktops for 6 months. Took a while as the site was Token-Ring, and back then 95 and Token Ring were not the best of friends....Plus the DHCP was running on a mainframe with netbui being the main protocol at the time and as the network was bridged we hit all sorts of problems with that. That was until MS released a new ver of the winsock and the network went all IP.
    Good thing about the 95 think client image which was there was a bit of a backup element. If a user could not connect to the citrix farm then installed on the 95 PC was a 3270 emulator + IE so some work could still be done.

    As for where I am now, again like most we use a mixture and what we think is right for the job. MS at the desktop, MS for the servers, IT database on mySQL on an old IBM E-server running Ubuntu. Media playout using Freenas [ FreeBSD ], Navaho [ Linux ] for our mail system, firewall & proxy server. All work very well, all talk to each other and at the end of the day what we have found is working best........so far.....

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    Re: Windows or Linux -- A Question

    Quote Originally Posted by webman
    Why do you hate Linux, Disease?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotmk
    so when people quote linux does it better, sometimes this may be a inproper use/config of Microsoft software.
    One could also turn round and say "when people quote linux is crap, sometimes this may be improper use/config of Linux software".

    I agree, I have never used Linux really, but if I needed to I would make sure I researched correctly before hand.

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