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How do you do....it? Thread, Asset Tracking/Marking in Technical; We need to improve what we do here as it's just not working right. My simple spreadsheet was fine when ...
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    Asset Tracking/Marking

    We need to improve what we do here as it's just not working right. My simple spreadsheet was fine when we had 30 pc's but now it's just too large to work through.

    I have been sent a filer from www.seton.co.uk who offer tamper-evident bar coded tags and can also supply bar code reads and software too.

    But my question is how do other schools do it.

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    Re: Asset Tracking/Marking

    OCS NG reads information from PC including serial number if it's in the bios, software installed etc...

    This is imported automatically into GLPI which enables me to enter printers and other assets as well as tracking cartridge use in printers.


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    Re: Asset Tracking/Marking

    We put a seton style label onto every piece of kit that we want to track (including all PC's, network kit, backup tapes etc.)

    We then have a dbase that tracks that ID number to the serial number, make and model of the kit and a second table that records the location (classroom name, or indicidual user name for a laptop).

    A location exists for "thrown away" or "disposed of by xx" and "stolen" so we should know exactly where each piece of kit is.

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    Re: Asset Tracking/Marking

    As a new member today :P a quick reaction as we specialise in three part asset tracking systems,- tags, custom or generic designs or RFID, scanners for storing up to 30,000 barcodes to zap location and asset labels, downloading to our own software telling you what's found, what's missing and what's moved (to another part of the school or offsite for repair). Network interrogators are fine but don't log the rest of the campus inventory. Crucially the location fields are automatically updated on download but unlike XL or Access the previous history is retained so you can track movements, put things back where they belong or look at historic PAT/maintenance history.
    All this saves a huge amount of time and paper for the schools we supply. and we can stick on the labels/data capture too. Apologies if this turning into sales talk, but this is an important issue so do look at attachment if you can bear the full monty and email info@assettrac.co.uk for more chat if needed - do free demos all the time! Stephen
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