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How do you do....it? Thread, Installing all the usual adobe stuff? in Technical; just looking for the best way to do this. We are now the proud owners of 40 win 7 machines. ...
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    Installing all the usual adobe stuff?

    just looking for the best way to do this.

    We are now the proud owners of 40 win 7 machines. I need to get all the usuall stuff on there like adobe flash, reader, air, shockwave ect along with Java.

    Now I want to do it so it does not pop up saying updates are available etc. I have just been on the adobe site and applied for licences for all the product and am awaiting the email response. But while Im waiting is there any "dummies guides" for these... I wanna do it via Group Policies.


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    We allocate these via their MSIs and GPOs. A new deployment is arranged as soon as we become aware of a new release is available. I try to keep up but I usually find out when my station notifies me about an available upgrade. When that happens it is time to swing into action again.

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    Same as @DaveP i used to use a startup script. I am now in the process of putting them all into SCCM.

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