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How do you do....it? Thread, How would you do this? Special computers in Technical; We recently got 2 computers for the nursery. Now the staff want it so they can login and do everything ...
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    How would you do this? Special computers

    We recently got 2 computers for the nursery.

    Now the staff want it so they can login and do everything they can do on a normal computer around school.

    But they want a log in for the kids which is really locked down. These computters are connected to the network so i can use ranger to create a group and lock it down. But the staff want to put different Icons on the kids desktop each week or so depending on the activity they want to do. I cant see how this is possible other than either them giving me a list of Shortcuts for the week. Giving the staff admin rights ( not going to happen) or possibly creating a folder on the kids desktop where the staff can write to?

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    Where do the shortcuts come from in the locked down policy? If you can put the shortcuts on a network share where they are pulled down from, maybe give the teachers read/write access to there?

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    If you are using group policy check out "Loopback processing of Group Policy" you can use this to have a policy for every user that logs on to that computer which could then have desktop redirected to a network folder that teachers can add items to. Draw back to this is teachers who logon to these computers will get restricted in the same way as pupils.

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    You could set a standard desktop that is server hosted and give the nursery staff access to this folder for the nursery user. That way they can change them to their hearts content from any computer wherever they have network access.

    It's the way I'd do it. I would only get involved in pushing out long term shortcuts that wont change each week as you'll get caught up in tantrums if something else takes priority on your job list.
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