So, I imagine I'm not the first poor soul to come across this and as long as Apple exist, won't be the last either.

We have a set of 16 (now 15) iPods that get lent to students, they do their typically rubbish myspace poses, duck faces and the occasional genitalia shot taken by "accident".

How do people here go about getting these photos/videos off the iPods and into the grubby hands of the individuals who took the pictures?

The only suggestion 'we' have come up with so far is a raft of generic email addresses to sign up for instagram accounts.

Ideally, I'd like some sort of solution where they can very easily dump the stuff somewhere and either collect it themselves, or get it dumped in their user areas (without it remembering who the last entry was and very quick timeouts).

Empart your wisdom upon me oh mighty fellow edugeekers!

*I'm not at all a fan of using iPods in this fashion, so apologies if this comes across as unnecessarily negative.