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How do you do....it? Thread, BG Info - Prevent users from changing. in Technical; Afternoon all Slight issue here, implimenting BG info at a new site, and its working perfectly, running both the exe ...
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    BG Info - Prevent users from changing.

    Afternoon all

    Slight issue here, implimenting BG info at a new site, and its working perfectly, running both the exe and the custom template from the netlogon share (i am right in assuming network usage is minimal, as it creates a local file and points to that yes?)

    however, users are still able to change the wallpaper via right click on images etc.

    I need this to work on XP and Win7 Machines, with the BGinfo wallpaper, and the restrictions on changing it.

    and setting the location of the bginfo wallpaper in group policy will not work surely due to c:\users and c:\docs and settings?

    Any help would be appreciated cheers


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    It should pull the settings from the Server at logon, you can allways prevent users from changing the wallpaper by preventing access to the Display Control Panel Application.

    You can facilitate Changes of resolution for staff by using batch commands. The only difficulty you might have is where you have multiple displays and need to be able to let the users change or swap round display orientation.

    Microsoft.Display is the Windows 7 Control Panel item by the way. And you might have to play between either 'Showing only specified Control Panel items' and 'Hide specified Control Panel items' as your on a mixed environment.

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