We have just added a 2nd DC to our domain so we now have a mixed XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro client base with the main DC being on the print server which is a Windows 2008 Standard machine and the 2nd DC being a new one running Server 2008 R2 that incorporates SIMS as well.

In testing last week we found that initial staff log on was pretty slow but they speeded up on a second logon. Today though a bigger issue became apparent, involving printing. Printers have been allocated by .bat files pointing to a vbs printer script file plus where Windows 7 machines are in the same room group policy and Print Manager. The issue today that remains unresolved is that where the printers that have been added by an Admin were visible for all they are now wiped after either an Admin, Staff or Student logon. So to print the user has to add the printer again but itís vanished again next time they log on.

I have remed out con2PRT to see if that made any difference Ė it hasnít . My feeling is it must be something pretty simple but for the life of me I canít figure it out. Any ideas please?