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How do you do....it? Thread, Uninstalling Sophos in Technical; Originally Posted by srochford Originally Posted by Andi Presumably they won't make it easy to remove their product from the ...
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    Re: Uninstalling Sophos

    Quote Originally Posted by srochford
    Quote Originally Posted by Andi
    Presumably they won't make it easy to remove their product from the whole network...by design.

    Does it have a silent uninstall that you could possibly script at startup via GPO?
    I think you might presume wrong :-)

    Sophos have a tool called Lancet which makes it very easy to remove anti-virus programs. Basically, it has an XML list of virus scanners and details of how to remove them. It nicely removed McAfee for us and I've also briefly tried it with Symantec and it seemed to work!

    One of the reasons we were prepared to go with Sophos was that they promised that they could help us to remove existing virus scanners. That's not a lot of help when you're leaving them but you ought to be able to say to the new company that you want a facility to remove their "opposition" :-)
    I can't find any reference to Lancet on the Sophos website srochford. Is is still available, or is it not for general release?

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    Re: Uninstalling Sophos


    Many many thanks for the script. It cured a problem I was having with clients not talking to the EM Server.

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    Re: Uninstalling Sophos

    No probs You guys help me out alot so its all good...

    So any joy with a different AV product?

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    uninstall sophos

    Quote Originally Posted by contink View Post
    Thanks for that Phil... Stored that one for future use..
    Has anyone still got that wee sophos script.
    Many thanks


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