Hi Guys,

Been slowed under but thought i will do an update so far...

Over Feb half term we have:

Installed DPM 2010, linked to 12TB SAN and the LTO autochanger,backing up all our Exchange,SQL and fileservers nicely,with 5TB to spare.

Installed WSUS and impero on Hyper V

Forefront installed on all servers, replacing Sophos and MSE (sometimes even installed together!) will manage this under SCCM install...on the to do list

All servers on UPS, exchange and DC off the cheapie B&Q powerstrip!

MDT 2010 built, hopefully to integrate into DMS Netflow AD managment Software.

Still documenting the mish mash of fibre and copper interconnects, trying to get the network off daisy chaining and more of a star layout from the core switch.

I have now been allocated £34k for servers now, so still looking at solutions, one of which is the intel modular server:

Intel® Modular Server

Have been quoted one of these with 6 server modules, 4 with dual Hex Core Xeon with 48gb... 2 with single Hex Core with 24Gb, 4x300gb 15k SAS and 10x900gb 10k SAS..for around £25k. I have seen a school with this and feedback have been good,my only concern is the disk space, the school uses 3tb of data already, so might convert the DL 380 G7 i have into a fileserver and bond the 4 nics together, i could build a couple of these if needed. Incidently, if you guys virtualise fileservers, do you use fixed disk or passthrough for performance?

Still looking at the SAN and DL380 VM host option though, although the intel multiflex does look quite tidy.

Oh i have to get all this revamped with the whole school wireless by end of summer 2012!