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How do you do....it? Thread, Prey Software Installation in Technical; Hi All, Our college (secondary school with 600-700 laptops) have bought a prey license and want to get prey installed ...
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    Prey Software Installation

    Hi All,

    Our college (secondary school with 600-700 laptops) have bought a prey license and want to get prey installed on the student laptops as a matter of urgency. we are facing a problem that the software does not seem to be able to communicate with prey through our proxy (we have tried both SEGFL's proxy address and out internal proxy address in the curl script options) has anyone else out there installed prey on their site and got it to activate through a proxy server or can give us some more advice



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    Hi rob

    I have posted a similar post in the security section there are a couple of ideas in there, would like to see how you manage it if you can I don't want to take each laptop out of the proxy server to register , but I also found that if the laptop was to go out of the school it wouldn't be in a proxy.


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    1) you only care about prey using the proxy for the initial registration
    2) you don't want it to use it thereafter (because it would make the install pointless - "Hey, I've been stolen, so I shall use this proxy that's in-school to connect to the Internet and report where I am......Oh Wait.")

    In your proxy config, allow unauthenticated access to the relevant prey urls / IP addresses.
    For your laptop IP ranges (or a small test IP range), change the DHCP lease settings (on the DHCP server) so the gateway they receive is your proxy server.

    See if Prey registers ok - it should, assuming you've done the above correctly.

    Decide if leaving that proxy IP as the default gateway will break anything. It might - especially apps and sites on your LA WAN.

    After a suitable period in which all your laptops have been registered, change the gateway back to the default in your DHCP lease settings.
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