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    Individual staff logins blocked on staff network - how to get them back

    Until recently staff at my work place have been able to log into all the staff computers on our network using their own login details. Now one of the bosses, for some petty reason, wants his section to always use a generic login. This is very restrictive for staff and to ensure they comply he has made some adjustment to the staff computers in his section so that only one generic login will work. This is frustrating because we cannot easily fulfil all of our duties and we have pointed this out. Staff think he made the adjustment by using some simple action through ‘my network places’ or something similar (staff don’t have access to ‘control panel’ and we know he didn’t go through the administrator).

    Can anyone tell us how he blocked our individual logins some staff computers when they are not blocked on other staff computers?. He is seldom about and as the other bosses have no problems with the staff using their own logins, we would like to know how we can change back to our individual logins when he is not about.

    Please, please help

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    So, has he basically created a Staff Account for each machine and you have to login to this account when using such a machine? or am i missing something? and then you can only use your indivigual logins on machines that allow (all acounts)?

    Does he give a reason as to why he has done this?

    If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like that he has setup computer security and has specified what accounts/accounts within a certain security group can login to certain computers and I imagine this he will be doing this via Active Directory in which case depending on weather you have access to the servers you won't be able to change this unless he does it.

    ** that is if i understand what you are saying correctly, it is late so if not i'm sorry! :-) **


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    This isn't a technical problem i'm afraid, It's a management problem. The way to remedy it is to speak to management and get it sorted. Chances are he's done it for a reason and finding a way around it might well be to your detriment, you might end up losing files or break your acceptable use policy.

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