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How do you do....it? Thread, Student Messaging in Technical; Morning, I have been asked about a simple messaging system for the kids in school.. somethign that sits in the ...
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    Student Messaging


    I have been asked about a simple messaging system for the kids in school.. somethign that sits in the system tray and allows teacher to message the kids one way (or configurable so they can only reply to teacher).

    I have read a few threads including the the Openfire solution but haven't seen any videos on how it works in a real school.

    Anyone got any advice?

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    I find direct verbal communication 1 to 1 with the student in close proximity works flawlessly.
    Our VLE allows communication when this is not possible.
    check out the monitoring systems like Impero to see if yours has the feature built in.
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    Classroom management / support tools will often have this as a feature, but it is often the policing side of things which get sold to schools, rather than the educational benefits through collaboration, demonstration of learning, etc ...

    If you are looking for something that is more of a walled garden for IM and social networking then EdModo is a good start. You could also look at Lync too.

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