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How do you do....it? Thread, Cabling replacement in Technical; Our budget is mainly for computers, servers, switches, licencing, mice & keyboards etc. Only a small part is put aside ...
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    Cabling replacement

    Our budget is mainly for computers, servers, switches, licencing, mice & keyboards etc. Only a small part is put aside for cabling repairs.

    If you have an annual replacement programme then does it include replacing network cabling or is it a case of having a contingency budget in case something needs replacing.

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    We have a contingency budget really, cables rarely need replacing.
    Our biggest cabling issue is management deciding to change a room purpose the last day before a holiday, and expecting it to have 30 new cables in it by a week on Monday!

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    I get a pot of money and have to stretch it as far as I can which means its not really possible to have a planned replacement programme

    Although I have a very good idea what my priorities will be for the year things can change and I have to spend it in a way that will have the best impact on the childrens education.

    The last couple of years its been replacing the main PC in class rooms with core2duos, this year the bulk has gone on upgrading the storage in our aging server (the cost of 6 ultra 320 sca2 300GB drives is enough to make anyone cringe) and replacing some of our projectors which were end of life and a lot of new lamps for our other projectors.

    Our ICT Suite needs replacing / upgrading, we need to move from xp (I'd be happy to stick with it if microsoft weren't killing it off and withdrawing support), we need to upgrade from office 2003, we need to upgrade the servers to 2008, we need... well you get the idea

    Unless bob the builder comes in and cuts through a cable you shouldnt really need to replace network cabling as long as you've got cat 5e. If you have got cabling problems then more than likely it wasnt installed very well e.g. they used solid core cable and decided to bend it @ 90 degrees a few times when installing it. Unless you mean the kids are damaging the network sockets then thats a different ball game.

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