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How do you do....it? Thread, Two Domains to one in Technical; Hi all, I'm not asking "How do we do this, please give me a step-by-step guide" as we have ideas ...
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    Two Domains to one

    Hi all,

    I'm not asking "How do we do this, please give me a step-by-step guide" as we have ideas and have the technical ability, I'm asking (as per the forum) "How do you do it?" just so that we can get as many options as possible. We are one academy which is on two sites which are a couple of miles apart and connected together with a 150mb wireless link. We were two seperate schools, Orwell and Deben, and each has it's own domain, IP ranges and exchange server. SIMS is dealt with already. The two domains trust each other but are in seperate forests. One is vanilla, one is CC3. Exchange is 2003SP2 on both sites. We want to end up with one vanilla domain called "Felixstowe" with an Exchange 2010 server. We have all the required hardware, even to the point of having enough spare servers that we could setup the new domain so we could have all domains running at once if we want!

    As I say, we think we've settled on what we're going to do, I was just curious.... MS Migration tools? CSVDE and copy paste? Upgrade Exchange before or after?


    P.S. No you can't have our spare servers as they are only spare temporarily! They will all have homes once we've finished the migration.

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    For Exchange, install this in the new Org i.e your vanilla domain. Change MX records for both smtp domains to the new exch server. If you need configure internal relay domain. Either use ADMT or export to PST and import.

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