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How do you do....it? Thread, Stress testing software in Technical; I have a couple of computers coming in from local suppliers and we are going to put them through their ...
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    Stress testing software

    I have a couple of computers coming in from local suppliers and we are going to put them through their paces with some testing software. I know when i left school and worked for a computer manufacturer in my area that the used to use stress testing software to test the machines after they had built them.

    I can't for the life of me remember the software. Do you use any special software and if so what and is it free?

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    Re: Stress testing software

    Just put it in a room full of year 9s.

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    Re: Stress testing software

    UBCD has some stress testing apps... it's free so download it and give it a bash and it's useful for testing memory/hard disks anyway.

    There's also OpenSourceMark which is an open source benchmarking app - not sure how good it is though.

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    Re: Stress testing software

    Passmark BurnInTest Passmark Software is pretty good we use it alot here. Think there is a trial version you can download you will need to re start the tests every 15 mins though on the trial version

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    Re: Stress testing software

    We use eurosoft and this is what quite alot of our suppliers use as when we phone up and say this is dead they say how do you know and we say that we ran eurosoft on it and they instantly send us a new one!!

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