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How do you do....it? Thread, Which CMS for School Website? in Technical; I use mambo on our school site ( www.westlands.org.uk ) Very customisable but can be very annoying sometimes. For example, ...
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    Re: Which CMS for School Website?

    I use mambo on our school site (www.westlands.org.uk) Very customisable but can be very annoying sometimes.

    For example, if you want to paste some HTML in, which is fine, beware of some tags (SPAN STYLE being one of them) that not only locks mambo up, but also your browser. I learnt the hard way and took me ages to work out what was happening. Word Docs converted to HTML use this Tag a lot.

    Once you learn mambo, it's fantastic. But be prepared to make mistakes to begin with that mean to have to start again.

    Oh, and moving the folders from the default can be a nightmare.

    Getting it as a CMS for other staff to use is ok, but uploading images is a real pain. You need a good addon html editor like FCK editor 2 to cope with uploading.

    Permissions don't allow for departments to not see other departments. So a certain level of trust is needed.

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    Re: Which CMS for School Website?

    We give all schools in Lancashire a freely hosted installation of Moodle.

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    Re: Which CMS for School Website?

    Nice looking site there metalmonkey! Is that a freebie template I can steal :twisted:

    I found the wysiwyg editor a little strange - I found myself hitting the 'remove formatting buton a lot! Not like the one in Moodle then that the speaker as the conference said - especially regarding the wysiwyg editor being easy to use.

    I'm currently trying Moodle, Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress, plus zoomgallery and Gallery2 in Joomla.

    I don't think of Moodle as a CMS that could be used on it's own, does anyone do that anyway? Drupal is nice if a little simplistic compared with Joomla.

    Our Bearded, sandal wearing guy [bless 'im! ] has asked us [LEA High Schools] to come up with some requirements before choosing a system...

    Ease of use for all staff
    Seperated user permissions
    Easily manageable updates/ patches

    Standards/Legal compliance:
    - Welsh Langauge Act (ie support for multiple languages and tools to assist in keeping different language versions of pages in sync)
    - eGIF compliance (effectively W3C validation on XHTML, CSS)
    - Accessibility (probably means WAI compliance and maybe Bobby AAA)

    Plus the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act which has legal implications for your web site - see http://www.accessibility101.org.uk/senda.htm

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    Re: Which CMS for School Website?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirbendy
    We looked at Mambo, and are set to roll with it. However, the authority has a product that it insists we use that integrates nicely with our CMIS systems. I've forgotten the title...no, scratch that, it's a VLE, by Serco systems.

    The challenge for us is to get it working with our online curriculum...
    dont worry all vles for education will use shibboleth as that is going to be bectas requirments so as asson as that happens can write a hack for mambo to use it..


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    Re: Which CMS for School Website?

    Another vote here for Joomla! (the results of the original Mambo development team refusing to be part of the Mambo foundation due to future open source/licensing issues).

    I use Joomla! for my personal site and have used Mambo for some primary school websites in our local area.


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