We have about 8 of these printers which worked perfectly well on our old x86 (2k3) PrintServer and XP clients, we have now migrated the site to Win7 X64 and the PrintServer is 2k8R2. I have setup the printers on the server using the Basic version 13 drivers and from the server works perfectly. But if you then connect to the printer share it completely screws for lack of a better word the local print spooler and renders the clients ability to print to any printer dead. The only fix I have found is to re image the client and not install the 6000.
I have tried all the usual tricks of different drivers, compatibility even the dreaded universal driver, that worked but the print outs were absolute gar gar so no help there. I'm completely lost, and asking HP resulted in an argument that they do not support networking on these printers (hello it has a network port for what exactly?) anyway.

Does anyone use these printers on a server client bases and explicitly with Windows 7 x64 I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks,