We have a firewall - IPCop (with Block Outgoing Traffic installed) and it is causing problems with iPlayer/4oD. It use to work with an IP/Port hole (which I didn't like but worked) which solution I got off here but this no longer works, so I assume they have either changed IPs or Ports or the whole way they deliver videos. Doing a wireshark scan shows a massive range of not only IPs but also ports that change everytime even when refreshing the same video, and on 4oD it also changes ports whilst playing the video due to the adverts being on other servers.

I don't think just opening massive ranges of IPs and Ports is very secure! What have others done with their firewalls? How have you gotten round the problem? I am obviously getting the "At my old school" and "It works at other schools" comments etc so how is it done?