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How do you do....it? Thread, 1-1 Computing in Technical; Hi Everyone, We're going to be rolling out a 1-1 laptop provision for all students when we open in September, ...
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    1-1 Computing

    Hi Everyone,

    We're going to be rolling out a 1-1 laptop provision for all students when we open in September, but one of the issues we're looking for suggestions on how to solve in battery life. Currently we'll be using netbooks (likely Samsung or Toshiba), but do they really last a full day of use?

    What do others do to deal with batteries that die during the day and/or charging during lessons? Any suggestions for multibay charging solutions or similar?

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    we have over 250 student laptops here but they are all in department laptop trolleys so are charged when not in use, it would be cheaper for each student to have one spare battery each, doubles the amount of time they can use it and they can charge at home.

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    Well in our new building we are planning to have lockers with charging points in, so the students can leave them in there on-charge when they're not in use. We are also ensuring there are at least a few tables in each room which are in reach of a plug socket, as invariably there will be one or two students who will forget to charge their devices and I'd recommend provisioning spare powerpacks as well.

    Spare batteries are a nice idea if you have all the same type of device, you could have a central pool of batteries in a large charging bay, then students could swap them out with you as necessary. Giving each student a spare battery would only have limited effectiveness as they would still invariably forget to charge it or forget to bring it with them to school.


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