Hi Chaps,
Heres the scenario.

I have an internal linux server running Alfresco (Open Source Sharepoint type tool).
This is running on an internal IP and the ISA server can talk to it. I need to publish this server which runs on Apache Tomcat to the external world. I have a external IP and our Cisco NAT has a rule to bind any traffic coming into this external IP to forward it to the internal IP of the ISA server.

So I thought it would be a case of creating a web publishing rule on ISA. This is where things are going a bit tricky.

My ISA web publishing rules needs to do the following:
1. Trap traffic coming in from the external IP and forward it to the internal server
2. Reverse proxy the content from this to the external user.

So basically if the user enters the external IP address it shows them the internal IP Address of the alfresco / tomcat server.

The problem is that the ASA is only letting https traffic in on port 443 but the internal server is running on port 8080 so what needs to happen is the user enters https:X.X.X.X this hits the ASA, that then contacts the tomcat internally using X.X.X.X:8080/share the web requests are run and the content is presented to the end user using the external IP.

When i'm happy this is working i can then register an external DNS.

I have a rule already in place but its not working correctly. Just wondering if you guys have any specific tips for requesting access on one IP and forwarding traffic on another based with Linux / ISA 06.

Our webmail rule works fine so i'm basing my rule on this but can't seem to crack it yet.