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How do you do....it? Thread, Sophos GPO Backup File (For Struggling Installers) in Technical; Hi Fellow Geeks! I have just undergone a nice little change of anti virus. To sophos! Now for those who ...
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    Red face Sophos GPO Backup File (For Struggling Installers)

    Hi Fellow Geeks!

    I have just undergone a nice little change of anti virus. To sophos! Now for those who may have just spent hours of you life beating you head against a brick wall I thought i would save you the trouble.

    Once you have got the Management console installed to your DC of choice, which is easy, you then try to protect PCs, just to have it throw back in your face that it didn't work. Well the reasons for this I am Afraid are 3 fold.

    1. If you are on Windows 7 as I am accross the school, the RemoteRegistry service is off my default which is "Required"

    2. By default the ports sophos needs to use are blocked by the nasty WIndows Server 2008 r2 windows firewall. So even if you do get it to install out of blind luck, the CP still fails you. arge!

    3. to install you sophos you should NEVER use a domain account with admin rights. You need to setup a "local user" with "local admin rights" for this purpose. Sophos ofc, leaves that to you.

    So I have attached a backup of a GPO I call SophosMaster, it configures your entire domain to be "Sophos Ready". I do suggest however you change the users password in the local users section of the GPO. That can be found in the Computer Config > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Local Users and Groups.

    by default its sophos and sophos, however mine certainly is not and I suggest strongly using a really evil password if possible!

    Hope you find this usefull! If so I will write more!


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    hmm..not sure what has happened here... not my experience with this product.....

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