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    Do you charge different per-page rates depending on real printer page costs?

    I'm considering changing per-page costs on the printers to drive bulk print jobs where they should be done (the copiers). Currently an A4 B&W, A3 B&W, A4 Colour and A3 Colour will cost you a set amount regardless of the printer used.

    If I send a print job to say a HP laserjet with a 6K page cartridge in it (original, about £58), it roughly works out (assuming cartidge page estimate is accurate) to 1p/page in toner cost. Since we know that varies horribly, let's double it to 2p/page to be on the safe side.

    If I print to a Bizhub, it's less than 1p/page.
    If I print to a Brother HL2070N, it's more than 2p/page.

    Does anyone else do this? What has end-user acceptance been like? Have you had hordes of kids/staff clogging the cheaper printers?

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    Absolutely the way to go as far as I can see.


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    We do a flat rate of 1 credit per B/W and 2 credits per colour here on most of our printers, we don't equate it to real money.

    However we do charge 3 credits per print from our Xerox solid ink printer as this costs a little more to run and it gets a hammering because it's better quality than the others in the school. We also only charge 1 credit per page on our really old colour laser printer in the staff room because it's lower quality and actually cheaper to run as well so we try and encourage staff to use this where possible until it finally decides to go wrong (no signs of it doing so yet!)

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