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How do you do....it? Thread, Quick effective imaging... in Technical; If you are looking for a ghost alternative that multicasts, look into a progam called "imagecast" by Phoenix (the bios ...
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    Re: Quick effective imaging...

    If you are looking for a ghost alternative that multicasts, look into a progam called "imagecast" by Phoenix (the bios people). I tried it and liked it.
    I am a big RIS\WDS advocate, but I used to like Imagecast. They hadn't updated it in years though, which is why I moved onto RIS which was far friendlier, and multicast very well. I have noticed that they have updated it now though, but they don't push it like they used too.

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    Re: Quick effective imaging...

    We use Ghost here and it works perfect for us. We use a pxe boot menu to load new machines into the console / our current machines have the ghost client installed. We can do any amount of machines at once using multitask (i think we have done a batch of 75 before). We have all our tasks already setup so imaging machines are as simple as executing the task on the console.

    Have never used RIS , maybe ill take a look at it sometime.

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    Re: Quick effective imaging...

    Quote Originally Posted by Oakie
    Ghost for Linux and / or Ghost for linux will not really make you happy in a school environment. It's unicasting and as such, is not suitable for imaging multiple clients at once.
    You can use a Multi cast aware FTP client/server to alleviate this.

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