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    NAS on a budget

    Looking at building a, fairly, cheap NAS box at home for media streaming (Videos & MP3s) with the following specs:

    • Budget of £200 poss £250 at a push
    • Easy to add another drive(s) as needed without reconfiguration
    • Quiet to run - we don't want the thing to sound like a Harrier Jump jet!

    Any and all advise appreciated on things like Cases, Mobo's RAID Card, FreeNAS or not..,etc

    We plan to stream it to a MythTV box and to start with a 2TB drive

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    the hp proliant microserver is cheap atm about £340ish with £100 cash back comes with a 250gb drive (which i have mounted in the rom drive bay) and 4 "quick release" hdd bays supports raid 0 and 1 has an internal usb port perfect for freenas. I tried freenas on it but as soon as i set the hdd array to raid mode it wouldnt boot so im currently using my technet server 08r2 licence on it. Just takes standard sata drives mine got 4*2tb seagates in (2 from my readynas due i decided was too slow and limiting) and 2 new ones as 2 raid 1 arrays (i did tray raid 10 the web interface allows you do set it up but it dosent survive a reboot lol. Grunt wise its not the fastest but its cabaple of running 08r2 and a win7 install on hyper v just about usably on 3gb ram (again shoved a spare 2gb stick in as well as the standard 1gb)

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    Have you had a look at the QNAP's Mate.. They are fairly cheap and very good piece's of kit to be honest. If you get a 2bay and use RAID.


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    £140, not bad

    I personally just run debian on my server/nas. That was I have full control of it, a web gui (if needed) via webmin, and can install things like ampache, mythtv backend, vpn/remote access, etc

    Cant say Ive ever used this supplier, but £130 - http://www.box.co.uk/HP_ProLiant_N36...e_1034901.html
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