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How do you do....it? Thread, Message of the Day - yes again! in Technical; Looked at This Thread and didn't find the answer. Our Head would like to have the 'Thought of the day' ...
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    Message of the Day - yes again!

    Looked at This Thread and didn't find the answer.

    Our Head would like to have the 'Thought of the day' to come up on Teachers PCs and be acknowledged before they are able to open up SIMs to take the first register of the day.

    1. Must work on Windows Network
    2. Must not increase the login time
    3. Must be able to target Staff only
    4. Must not appear after registration time
    5. Must be easily updateable on a daily basis by nice but dim admin clerks.
    6. Must be free if possible.
    7. Can be a Web app if necessary.

    Options 2 & 3 could be solved by just targeting specific PCs but I'm having no luck finding a solution to the rest.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Message of the Day - yes again!

    1. Create a VBS script that checks the current time, if it's within the range you want then open a web page.

    2. Add the VBS as a login script.

    3. The web page can be anything anywhere, I suspect utilising any Intranet, CMS or VLE infrastructure you have would be the best option.

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