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How do you do....it? Thread, Short throw Projectors in KS1 in Technical; My initial thoughts are that this is a health and safety nightmare but at the same time we dont really ...
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    Short throw Projectors in KS1

    My initial thoughts are that this is a health and safety nightmare but at the same time we dont really want the ceiling mounted projectors if we can help it.

    The head was wondering if we can have little steps made so the kids can reach the boards and still have short throw. Any thoughts?

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    We're using ActivBoard2 in early years which is height adjustable. It works, but the projector is mounted on an arm and when it's low, adults have to be careful not to clonk their heads.

    In the ICT suite we have tried with the stage steps, but it's never been very successful. They get in the way.

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    We have a couple of these, as the old activboards and projectors had failed (mega old age) and to replace the board and projector was pricey compared to one of these Epson BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector - Product Information - Epson America, Inc. i must say they are impressive. They also work with activ inspire (extra license required) as well as having their own software. these are mounted on a schools false wall using required 10 M8 fixings as in the installation guidelines. they are very simple to install and give out very good results.

    happy hunting

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    How about getting some stilts.

    Have you looked at Smart Airliner tablets or Sympodium screens.

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    We have Smartboards in foundation/Nursery and it works quite well. Using a step I have been told is a nightmare H+S wise as they end up reaching them falling off as they look what they are doing. At the schools I work with they have the Hitachi short throw projectors and have it installed as low as it can safely be (for teachers head height etc), then the kids use a drumstick (the one with the big ball type end on, cant you tell I'm not musical!) to access the board. Works well and no damage to surface of board. Could use a stick with a small soft ball on the end.

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