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How do you do....it? Thread, Remote Desktop Software in Technical; in schools i work for we use AB Tutor Control it is not a perfect tool but it is very ...
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    in schools i work for we use AB Tutor Control it is not a perfect tool but it is very user friendly and it does have alot of handy tools included. We also use it for classroom management

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    In my last job (NM of a secondary school), i deployed an Msi of VNC (made in-house) to every computer on the network.

    In my current job, where i visit many different schools, i find that the technicians get up and walk all over to the school for the smallest of problems. I honestly can't get my head round how and why they havent done something similar to what i did in my last job.


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    This looks like just what i was after thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by JaTayler View Post
    We use Skeep VNC for remote assistance of the staff machines: Skeep VNC Console
    - It is just a free, basic VNC tool to remotley control machines, you can also remote onto servers from this colsole as well

    In the ICT Suites we use LANSchool, each of the teacher machines in the suites have this installed & we have it installed in our office to oversee all the suites at the same time.

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