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How do you do....it? Thread, Security Stickers and Stencils in Technical; I have some small video cameras that I need to mark up with the school name and postcode but I ...
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    Security Stickers and Stencils

    I have some small video cameras that I need to mark up with the school name and postcode but I only have an area of about 50 x 30 MM to work with. The current stencils we use are too big and the company we bought them from appears to have gone out of business.

    So does anyone have any recommendations of companies that could do some small stencils like this or the security stickers that are really hard to peel off?

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    Do you have a laser cutter in DT?

    About .2mm cutting depth usually suffices on plastic.

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    We use UV Pens, but I guess by the sounds of it you want something as a visible deterrent?

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    get an engraver for cameras etc as the cash converter places will not accept them

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