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How do you do....it? Thread, HELP!!!! - Database in Technical; Hi, I am running a quiz night on Friday in my school. I ran one last year with 108 people ...
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    HELP!!!! - Database


    I am running a quiz night on Friday in my school. I ran one last year with 108 people and 5 markers, I did it the marks with an excel spreadsheet. It was chaos. I had 5 people crowding round to use it, then it ran flat. I had to run the laptop between the markers area and the main room to show people the marks. CHAOS!

    This Year I have a bigger building and close to 350 people coming. The event is on Friday! I had arranged for someone to make me a database in Filemaker (Then I can shove on school filemaker server) with a web front end. However he has let me down.

    The event is on Friday (this friday - 23rd). I was wondering if anyone knew of anything that I can have 10 markers entering scores into(all on there own computer, they can be edited after, and then in the main room I can view them at any time and I can display them on screen.

    Does that make sense?

    Has anyone made one of these - or would anyone be willing to make one for me???

    It can be anything - mysql & php, 4D, a program, asp & sql.

    Can anyone help!



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    Re: HELP!!!! - Database

    Quick and easy - use a shared spreadsheet in Excel and save it on a network drive.

    http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/ex...622941033.aspx has some details.

    If you set it to update at regular intervals then you'll even see the changes come up on your screen when others make them.

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