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How do you do....it? Thread, veritas backup exec 10.0 in Technical; Been on the symantec website looking for manuals for veritas backup exec 10.0 revision 5484. It has service pack 4 ...
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    veritas backup exec 10.0

    Been on the symantec website looking for manuals for veritas backup exec 10.0 revision 5484.

    It has service pack 4 installed along with hot fix 36 and 37 installed.

    The jobs keep failing at random amounts, so its not like it fails every night at 40 gigs.

    I just want to know exactly how I am supposed to set it up and configure the jobs so that it makes a succesful back up each night.


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    Re: veritas backup exec 10.0

    Whats are the errors that cause the failure?

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    Re: veritas backup exec 10.0

    its not often i bash software

    i use backup exec on various sites been using it for years now and followed the progress of the development and on paper its a great product.

    but ! its just shocking how bad it is unless you enjoy reading emailed failed backup reports stay away. These days i tend to go for using the following:

    nt built in backup (it works!)
    an online backup of user files
    acronis true image snapshots of the server drives
    and i also exmerge all emails as i just dont trust any restore exchange software

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    Re: veritas backup exec 10.0

    unless you enjoy reading emailed failed backup reports
    Or randomly not getting them. It's mostly OK for me, but every release and SP for several years has had some irksome bug or other in what ought to be completely stable functionality given the £££ and the decade+ they've had to make it work.

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    Re: veritas backup exec 10.0

    Backup exec has been working fine for me for the last 6 months, until recently. I was tidying up our servers removing some un-needed directories, files and other bits and pieces, and ever since then backup exec has complained it can't find the directories I'd removed! Well there's a surprise! You'd expect it to be intelligent enough to realise I'd removed them! Only solution was to redefine the backup job for that server!

    It also randomly fails for us on ocassions, although not very frequently, and normally as a result of finding a 'corrupt' file which it can't read, which stalls the backup. Strangely the 'corrupt' file is OK by the next day. It also frequently has problems reading exhange mailboxes, and I've never got the SQL plugin to work properly! (although my SQL is backed up, I've got an automated job that exports all the databases to a backup .SQL file, much simpler!)

    In summary, I like backup exec when it works, but it's a royal PITA when it doesn't!

    Oh and in answer to the origenal question, I've no idea! I would try a few things like different tapes to rule out faulty tapes, re-defining the backup jobs to make sure it's not trying to backup resources that don't exist, make sure that every server that you're trying to backup has the backup exec plugin installed, have you got the latest available drivers for your tape drive?? Is there another server you can install backup exec onto and test it by running the backup job from that?? Just a few suggestions that spring to mind.


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