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How do you do....it? Thread, TrueCrypt v7.0 MSI in Technical; Hi guys I have searched this topic and the only decent thread didnt have an end result. I could really ...
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    TrueCrypt v7.0 MSI

    Hi guys

    I have searched this topic and the only decent thread didnt have an end result.

    I could really do with obtaining an MSI for TrueCrypt v7.0. I have tried creating my own using Advanced Installer but it is not working properly. It copies the files across to the specified location but it isnt actually running the version 7 setup.exe, so its more of a 'copy and paste' than an actual install procedure.

    I have also googled for one as well but with no luck.

    Due to my lack of knowledge on the subject, I would ask, are people very hesitant to make such things publicly available?

    If someone can either provide one, or even somewhere I can go that has really good instructions so I can successfully create my own that would be really helpful!

    I'm not looking forward to manual installs on all my PCs.

    Thanks again.

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    TrueCrypt v7.0 MSI


    I've been trying to do the same. My goal was creating an MSI to be able to deploy TrueCrypt silently via a Group Policy in an Active Directory environment. The actual installation process of TrueCrypt seems to be pretty simple. It just copies the files over to the location on the hard disk, creates short cuts, registers file extensions and registers the truecrypt.sys driver with windows. (If this driver is not installed on the system, TrueCrypt will detect this and run in portable mode... at least, this is my guess).

    So besides putting the files in place, the MSI package has to register the truecrypt.sys driver as well.
    With a proper MSI authoring tool, this normally is an easy task. Microsoft Installer can do this via DIFxAPI.

    The problem to me is, they don't provide a .INF file for their truecrypt.sys driver. The installation program somehow registers the driver in an proprietary way unknown to me (I'm not familar with the internals of Windows' driver management).

    So if anyone has a little info about this, i would appreciate it :-)
    Thx very much!

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    Did anyone get any where with this ? I am about to look at this and any pointers would be really very helpful.

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