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How do you do....it? Thread, intranet website in dmz ? in Technical; Hi guys my idea of allowing dc access to our intranet web server from the DMZ is by using pin ...
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    intranet website in dmz ?

    Hi guys
    my idea of allowing dc access to our intranet web server from the DMZ is by using pin holes in the firewall. is this a good way or do you know of a better 1
    of course the intranet server needs access from the internet and needs access to check account logins on the dc's which are on internal network

    btw i seem to live on the "how do you do it" forums
    is this a bad sign ops:

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    Re: intranet website in dmz ?

    Even if you put a server in the DMZ it will still require too many holes in the protected interface.

    A reverse proxy (squid, Apache or even ISA) would be better. That way you don't have a machine will domain access talkig directly to remote clients.

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    Re: intranet website in dmz ?

    You *could* use pinholes, though NG has a point, there is not that much danger - especially if you open IP/port combinations carefully. the other option is to tunnel the requests over some secure medium - HTTPS, VPN, SSH, perhaps.

    Reverse proxy isn't a bad idea either - of course that can be used in combination with a DMZ for better effect.

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    Re: intranet website in dmz ?

    thanks guys
    not too keen on isa and reverse proxy seems a lot for my little brain
    may have a mess with VPN,s
    so Tom are you suggesting intranet in the dmz with a vpn tunnel for the ports needed through to DC?

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