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How do you do....it? Thread, Knowledge of Software in Technical; Nope - I'm the expert on Scratch/Audacity/Wax (green screening)/Excel/updating the Web site but there are far more knowledgeable teachers on ...
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    Nope - I'm the expert on Scratch/Audacity/Wax (green screening)/Excel/updating the Web site but there are far more knowledgeable teachers on Paint/Softease/Word/Publisher/Smart notebook, 2 paint a picture etc than me


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    Little-Miss, hope the Meeting went beter than expected. I've always tried to get across that I am not an expert in all software but can use my general IT skills to help on any software (google and edugeek are parts of that skill set). If those above require you to train specific software, they need to be aware of the time and resources that will be required for you to do so.

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    Not a chance - normally comes up with ePortal and reports, people ask me questions and I politely tell them each time that I haven't a flippin' clue because I've never taught a lesson in my life, so never written a report, and any other member of the teaching staff is infinitely more knowledgeable on the matter than I am.

    In general, though, most things can be worked out because most software works the same as everything else. I tend to be better at working it out than most teaching staff simply because I'm more confident with computers and know I'm not going to break anything by clicking about randomly and looking at all the menus to see what looks likely. As others have said though, this does tend to lead to people thinking you know how to do everything on computers.

    Quote Originally Posted by firefox_2006 View Post
    ...Had the Head of IT asking for videos and training materials as I think the media studies teacher is finally going to get himself up to speed lol
    Adobe TV - just give them that link, will keep them occupied for weeks

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    No, I don't have the time or the inclination to learn every bit of software out there.

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    When my role was split as techie and TA, I used to know quite a lot of software from using it with the pupils in classes. But since I dropped the TA bit and the network has grown enormously, I don't have the time to learn all the new stuff that comes in. Doesn't mean I don't get asked though! Yes, and I even feel guilty when I have to say I'll go away and look something up because I don't know how to do it straight away. This despite the fact that I haven't had any training on anything for years!!!! It's like staff who expect you to know how to work every bit of electrically powered kit in the school instantly. And expect you to be a web designer, computer programmer, etc. as well. IT is a many-spendoured thing...

    Ask for some time to learn the stuff. Paid time. And possibly ask for a list of what folks actually want training on. Half of edu software (at least!) never gets used after it's installed, as I'm sure you know.

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