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How do you do....it? Thread, Home Network Setup in Technical; I'm thinking of setting up a little home network using Win 2003 that I had obtained whilst studying at uni. ...
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    Home Network Setup

    I'm thinking of setting up a little home network using Win 2003 that I had obtained whilst studying at uni.

    I haven't set it up yet as I'm in the planning/thinking stages but one thing that got me stumped was the internet connection.

    I have a PC with 2 NICs that I was hoping to put 2003 on. How would I go about sharing my internet connection with the other PCs at home?

    Ideally I would like my PCs to authenticate against the 2003 server and through it they somehow get their internet connection.

    The home router is Thompson which dishes out its own IP addresses. How would I set this up for DHCP and DNS in 2003?

    If I haven't made sense please tell me. Thanks!

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    Turn off the DHCP setting on your router and set it up on Server 2003. Simply put the IP address of your Thompson router into your DHCP scope as the the default router, and point the forwarders on your Server 2003 DNS at your router as well and it should function perfectally happily. Obviously you need to have the server and router on fixed IP addresses within the same subnet, so set them as necessary.


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    The default gateway is - do I apply this to both the NICs? If so, will the first NIC connected into the Thompson router be and the second NIC connected to a switch shared by other PCs be Both will have the subnet

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    You don't need to use both NIC's on the server.


    Plug Server into PORT on ROUTER along with any other devices.

    Router IP:

    Configure Server NIC:
    IP: 192.168.1.***

    Turn on DHCP and DNS on Win2003 Server. (Make sure you DID turn of DHCP on Router).

    Point your forwarders in DNS to your ISP DNS Servers or/ Router (no real bother either way).


    Clients will then use DHCP from your Win2003 Server and query that DNS.

    Have Fun!


    *if your going to be using ISA/TMG then 2 NIC's will need to be used on Server and ON Different Subnet's but i don't imagine your going to be doing such.

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    I have mine setup just like the above post.

    1 server running 2003R2 with Active Directory, DHCP, DNS etc. My main desktop PC is connected to the domain so that i can play about with GPO's etc. My Media Centre in the living room runs Windows 7, and my NetBook is also running Windows 7.

    All my music, films, music and documents are stored on my server, and can be ran on any device.

    I'm even going to setup WDS soon, just to play/learn.

    I have to say that at least 90% of what i know about networks/windows is brought from my playing about with my home network. I remember when it started out about 11 years ago lol. I had 2 computers, one with Win98 and the other with Win95...and i managed to share files with a cross-over cable lol. This "network" grew and grew over time, and eventually i setup 2000 Server to play with Active Directory, then onto 2003.

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