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How do you do....it? Thread, How to set up a webcam in Technical; Hi, I want to try something out. I have a dog at home and would like to set up a ...
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    How to set up a webcam

    Hi, I want to try something out. I have a dog at home and would like to set up a webcam to monitor his movements throughout the day, I would like to be able to view it through a website - I have zero experience of this, is it easy to do ?

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    Best bet is to buy a wireless IP camera which has all the broadcasting stuff built in. This will mean that your computer doesn't need to be on and should use way less power. Other option is to buy one of those doggy neck cams that are doing the rounds. Cheap enough, and although it's not a webcam, it'll take a photo every 15 seconds or something, and store them for download to a computer later on.

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    Get in touch with mattx... he's got gerbilcam, bird cams, etc!

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    I'd recommend uStream.tv along with any webcam of decent quality.

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    get a copy of yawcam. It allows you to load usb webcam into a web page. On your home router, forward port 80 to your pc's ip address (may have to set it statically). Then register with a dynamic dns service such as DynDNS.com

    All you have to do is then navigate to your dynamic dns page in a web browser, that will forward you to the web server on your PC which displays the page you created and therefore your webcam.

    Only downside I can see is as mentioned above, you will have to leave your computer on and any data will count towards any monthly allowance you may have with your isp.

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