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How do you do....it? Thread, organising files in Technical; Is there something out there that i can run which will create a list of files in a folder or ...
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    organising files

    Is there something out there that i can run which will create a list of files in a folder or share?

    Basically when i started, the Head had his own shared area. When i had a new server put in i created a staff shared area hoping that would be used from then on but his share is still there and still going strong!

    There are a lot of important documents in there for staff but its pretty impossible to find anything, its a bit chaotic.

    In my head i want a bit of software which would create me a document with links to each file, like something you'd put on a intranet.

    If this doesnt exist why not and who's going to make it for me!!! lol

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    You want a main data share for example ADMIN_DATA then under that each department i.e. HR, Admin, Finance, Recepion, IT, Teaching (under this each department) then lock each one down with security groups.

    It is how we do it and it works.

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    If you just want a list open up "cmd" and use the "tree" command inside the folder in question. If you want it in a text file pipe it there like this "tree > C:\filelist.txt". Does not make links but makes a nice list.

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