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How do you do....it? Thread, Network on the go slow again... in Technical; BGFL gave them to us! (I think the story was they bought a load of the wrong model so gave ...
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    BGFL gave them to us! (I think the story was they bought a load of the wrong model so gave them to the schools!) lol

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    lol sounds about right. When I first started as a Teccie we had a load of hardware (switches) given by LA at the school. I think they where really basic Bay Networks switches I've no idea which model.

    Anyway we had about 80-100 machines and to be honest the switches were garbage and wern't functioning properly and I believe were un-managed. We ended up buying the odd switch, the first one we bought was a Nortel and we put it on the network and we could already see the difference it was much more reliable than the other switches. So we thought it best to invest in our own kit and we did, we built a new Cab in the basements and put all our Nortel gear into it and the old Novell RM SafetyNet Proxy in the cab and left it be.

    We never had an issue from then on using our own kit, eventually the school Network grew and grew and before I left we were running 4 different sites.

    So may be worth putting in your own kit if you can get a budget

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